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DL-LYJ-22GD1000 production type steel belt casting machine
  • DL-LYJ-22GD1000 production type steel belt casting machine

  • product description
  • 1. Technical parameters

    1.1 Model: DL-LYJ-22GD1000

    1.2 Equipment specifications: 28796*1700*2400mm (length*width*height)

    1.3 Equipment direction: The casting head is on the left side (same direction as the existing equipment)

    1.4 Steel belt size: 1000mm *51000mm

    1.5 Steel belt thickness: 1.0mm

    1.6 Casting width: 900MM

    1.7 Casting method: extrusion casting

    1.8 Accuracy of green casting: ??(1um+5% material thickness)

    1.9 Casting speed: 0.1-20 (M/min) stable operation is not less than 15M/min

    1.10 Discharge height: 450??m

    1.11 Hot air drying setting temperature: room temperature ~ 150??C

    1.12 Heating method: the upper part is electrically heated and the bottom oil temperature is heated and the bottom is heated.

    1.13 Automatic feeding system: feeding pump

    1.14 Working voltage: 380V 50/60HZ

    1.15 Maximum power: 200KW normal operating power: (informed after actual calculation)

    2. Product features

    2.1 MCGS color touch screen with front 12 inches and rear 12 inches, human-machine friendly interface, fully integrated interface display and control of heating, speed, liquid level and so on.

    2.2 Siemens S7-200PLC servo motor motor controls tension, stable performance, high precision, in line with industrial automation control standards;

     3. Unique and convenient process:

    3.1 The aluminum rollers are all hard oxidized, and the steel rods are hard chrome plated;

    3.2 Food grade US304 stainless steel is used inside the material of the drying tunnel;

    4. Main configuration:

    4.1 Steel belt traction mechanism

    4.2 Casting equipment

    4.3 Feeding and control:

    4.4 Casting drying oven

    4.5 Material winding equipment

    4.6 Feeding and cutting device without stopping

    4.7 Correction device

    4.8 Power board, control board, electrical instruments, electrical control system

    4.9 Auxiliary equipment (oil temperature heating equipment)

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