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Automatic hot cutting machine RQJ-SE150
  • Automatic hot cutting machine RQJ-SE150

  • product description
  • Product Brief
    u DL-RQJ-SE150 hot cutting machine equipment is an important part of electronic ceramic production line slicing equipment. It is to put the stacked green compacts into the material box first, and then grab it on the rotary cutting platform through the No. 1 manipulator, and then according to the cutting distance and the number of strips, (At the same time, the No. 1 manipulator returns to press down to heat the next sheet. Blank) cut into mosaic before sintering or continuous array products, after completion. Then, it is automatically grabbed into the receiving box through the No. 2 pneumatic module. Only through hot cutting machine according to the specified size specifications online cutting. The green ceramic tape after hot cutting has no loose mouth, no focal edge, and does not break continuously, so as to achieve extremely demanding effects.

    Ø Automatic feeding device, the manipulator automatically draws materials to place the cutting platform and receive materials;
    Ø Automatic feeding device, after cutting the product, it will automatically absorb the material and place it into the feeding box;
    Ø Suction cup heating method, preheat the next green body at the same time of cutting, grabbing and heating up the whole process of cutting platform;
    Ø Cutting platform embedded heating module, temperature PID adjustment;
    Ø Cylinder type swing brush type platform cleaning device, waste recycling, convenient and tidy;
    Ø Platform drive: high-precision THK ball screw guide rail with AC servo motor;
    Ø The working platform is rotated 90?? after X-ray cutting, and Y-line is automatically cut
    Ø Cutting depth, speed can be adjusted freely, subdivided 0.005mm
    Ø The diaphragm is fixed by vacuum and porous;
    Ø External operation 12-inch touch screen, easy to use and operate;
    Ø Visual automatic detection of cutting marks

    technical parameter
    1) Product model: DL-RQJ-SE150
    2) Cutting cycle: 6 pieces/min
    3) Cutting area: 152*152mm
    4) Feeding mechanism: 1
    5) Waste box: 1
    6) Feeding mechanism: 1
    7) Automatic mechanical suction module: 2 sets (one set for feeding and one for receiving)
    8) Cutter accuracy: +/-10UM
    9) Feeding accuracy: +/-10UM
    10) Platform rotation accuracy: +/-0.005 degrees
    11) Cutting accuracy: ??0.01mm
    12) Cutter size: 155*0.25mm (alloy steel)
    13) Blade heating temperature: room temperature--100C??
    14) Cutting floor temperature: room temperature--100C??
    15) Suction cup preheating temperature: room temperature--100C??
    16) Temperature uniformity: ??2??; control accuracy ??0.1??
    17) Equipment power: 4.5Kw
    18) Cutting interval and times: parameterized setting
    19) Dimensions: 1300*1150*1785mm (length*width*height)

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