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Experimental tape casting series precision ceramic tape casting machine, solution tape casting machine qe240
  • Experimental tape casting series precision ceramic tape casting machine, solution tape casting machine qe240

  • product description
  • I. product introduction:

    Dl-lyj-2qe240 automatic tape casting machine flows the mixed slurry from the material trough to the baseband, and forms the blank film through the relative movement of baseband (PET) and comma scraper, and the thickness of the blank film is controlled by the scraper (the cutter adjustment accuracy can reach 0.001mm). The green film is sent into the drying chamber together with the baseband, the solvent is evaporated, and the organic binder forms a network structure among the ceramic particles to form a green sheet with certain strength and flexibility. The dried green sheet and the baseband are rolled together for use. It has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, stable performance, environmental protection and energy saving.

    II. Main technical parameters:

    1. External dimension of equipment: 2980mm ?? 600mm ?? 1250mm

    2. Total installed power: about 2.6kw

    3. Baseband: PET film (0.05-0.15mm)

    4. Baseband width: 250-300mm

    5. Casting width 220mm

    6. Tool adjustment accuracy: 0.001mm

    7. Thickness accuracy: ?? (1um + 2% with thickness)

    8. Scraper precision: 0.1um

    9. Scraper: cylinder comma scraper

    10. Casting speed: 0.01-2m/min

    11. Casting thickness ?? (wet): 10-400 ?? m (static can reach more than 1200um)

    12. Scraper height ?? (wet): 0 ?? 3500 ?? M

    13. Viscosity CPS 50-10000

    14. Effective drying length: 2m

    15. Temperature control: 3-stage base plate heating + hot air circulation

    16. Temperature control: adjustable from room temperature to 100 ?? (control ?? 0.1 ??)

    17. Solvent: water based, solvent

    18. Casting film control: double servo motor control, adjustable tension

    19. Electrical control system: Siemens PLC programmable control

    20. Control panel: 10 inch color LCD touch screen (touch screen)

    21. Electrostatic precipitator: 4 sets

    22. Winding shaft: 3-inch inflatable shaft

    23. Winding shaft: 3-inch inflatable shaft

    Functional characteristics

    1. It can be heated by three sections of adjustable bottom plate, and the temperature accuracy can reach ?? 0.1 ??

    2. 3-stage heating Siemens PID control system, 10 inch LCD display 4-stage heating temperature

    3. Siemens PLC control system CPU: 224; high speed counter: 4; I / O: 6 / 4; 2-way pulse output; 4096 byte memory; RS-485 communication port;

    4. LCD 10 inch color touch screen control panel, cantilever type;

    5. The touch screen displays the casting speed, casting start, acceleration, deceleration and three-stage temperature control;

    6. Encoder test casting speed;

    7. The servo motor controls the casting speed, and the casting motor speed reaches 0.01-2m/min

    8. The servo motor controls the torque tension;

    9. The frequency control motor controls the ventilation flow of the exhaust fan;

    10. The digital liquid crystal dial indicator shows the casting height with an accuracy of 0.001mm ??

    11. PTC inlet air heating;

    12. Stainless steel mirror cylinder scraper, the scraper can be turned 360 degrees for easy cleaning, to ensure the casting quality;

    13. The appearance equipment and accessories are made of aluminum plate, and the surface is treated by electro oxidation;

    14. Aluminum alloy drying room, divided into three sections and flat, adopts toughened glass, which can intuitively see the drying dynamic inside;

    Unique and convenient technology:

    The whole machine adopts profile, horizontal, and the gap reaches high precision and consistency;

    Set transparent glass window on the door cover of each drying area to observe the internal condition;

    After finishing each transition roller, each link is not simplified.

    Thick aluminum alloy is used for the internal materials of spray coating accessories to ensure the service life of the accessories;

    It adopts precision CNC machining center for precision machining, with high precision of parts.
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