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GD240 steel belt casting machine
  • GD240 steel belt casting machine

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    u DR-LYJ-GD240 steel belt casting machine is to feed the mixed slurry into the material box after homogenous defoaming, and then it is made by a scraper (divided into two types of casting heads: scraper type and extrusion type). Film blanks of a certain strength and flexibility are dried in a drying tunnel and multiple temperature zones before being filmed. In the atomizing box to absorb fragrance, the peeled green body is trimmed and then rolled up for use. It has high casting precision and high efficiency. From feeding control, casting, drying, film lifting, trimming, material winding and other automatic control, it has rich configuration and complete functions.

    technical parameter

    1. Casting speed: 0.05-6M/min

    2. Width of steel belt: 300mm

    3. Casting width: 220mm

    4. Casting thickness: 20-500um

    5. Knife adjustment method: screw adjustment of casting extrusion head (extrusion method) differential head adjustment (scraper method)

    6. Lip height adjustment (WET): 20??800??m (extrusion) 20-3000mm (scraper)

    7. Thickness accuracy: ??1um plus 2%P (P is material thickness)

    8. Drying area: the first big temperature zone and three soleplate heating are controlled separately

                Separate control of the third floor heating in the second largest temperature zone + high-speed nozzle heating

    9. Oven length: 6 meters

    10. Atomization area: 0.5 meters (2 spray gas outlet pipes)

    11. Feeding method: compressed nitrogen feeds the slurry into the feed box

    12. Tension control: the size of the air source can be adjusted

    13. Working voltage: 220/380V 50/60HZ

    14. Dimensions: 9300*600*1430mm (length*width*height)


    l 7-inch color touch screen, friendly interface. Using Siemens PLC control, stable performance, high precision, in line with industrial automation control standards;

    Ø Suitable for solvent-based and water-based systems;

    Ø 6-stage independent temperature control with upper air nozzle type hot air circulation;

    Ø Inlet air heating, floor heating, temperature can be controlled separately;

    Ø Exhaust circulation system, uniform exhaust, variable frequency speed control of flow rate, separate control of exhaust air in each zone;

    Ø High precision scraper, micron level control of blade height;

    Ø The cast film die of the hanger type structure can obtain a continuous and unobstructed flow surface at the die lip. The micro-push push-pull adjustment screw is provided to exert pressure on the resin and rebound up and down of the metal. The flexible die lip can be bent to Adjust the die gap;

    Ø Adopt high precision servo motor to control the speed of steel belt;

    Unique and convenient process

    1. The air intake adopts high-density filter to achieve dust-free space;

    2. Transparent tempered glass window, convenient to watch the internal casting status;

    3. The thickened aluminum alloy is used for the internal materials of the spray-painted accessories to ensure the practical life of the accessories;

    4. The whole machine adopts high-strength aluminum alloy frame, and the panel uses 2mm aluminum alloy plate, which is durable and beautiful.

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