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Se500 casting machine.
  • Se500 casting machine.

  • product description
  • Product introduction 1

    U dr-se500 casting machine is our most advanced product, suitable for the highest production requirements. The advanced servo knife adjustment, servo tension, fast deviation correction and efficient drying system make them very suitable for 5-800um porcelain belt production. The whole process from feeding to coiling is highly automatic.

    technical parameter

    1) equipment specification: 15000 * 1200 * 2000mm (L * w * h)

    2) carrier material: PET film (25-150um)

    3) casting width: 200-500mm

    4) casting speed: 0.02-10.0 (M / min)

    5) scraper height: 5-5000 ?? M

    6) thickness of porcelain belt: 5-800um for thin film type (20-1500um for thick film type)

    7) tool adjustment accuracy: 0.001mm

    8) knife adjustment control: motor plus ball screw with Japanese Sanfeng electronic dial indicator closed-loop control

    9) thickness accuracy: ?? (1um + 2% with thickness)

    10) floor control temperature: room temperature ~ 100 ?? C (?? 0.1 ??)

    11) drying area: the first area ------ low speed air nozzle hot air circulation + three-stage bottom plate heating

    Zone 2 - medium speed air nozzle hot air circulation + three-stage bottom plate heating

    Zone 3 - high speed air nozzle hot air circulation + three-stage bottom plate heating

    Zone 4 - high speed high temperature air nozzle hot air circulation + three-stage bottom plate heating

    12) automatic feeding system: fully automatic feeding, PID control flow, control accuracy ?? 0.1mm

    13) liquid level height: 3.0-30.0mm

    14) ceramic belt trimming and slitting: imported alloy steel blade

    15) electrostatic precipitator: 4 sets of Japanese SMC products

    16) tension control: the servo motor (Panasonic) controls the tension, and the baseband operation has no fluctuation

    17) working voltage: 380V 50 / 60Hz

    Product characteristics

    High configuration of imported components

    12 inch Siemens color touch screen, human-computer friendly interface, fully integrated interface display and control of heating, speed, liquid level, etc. Siemens PLC control, stable performance, high precision, in line with industrial automation control standards;

    Servo (Panasonic) motor controls tension to achieve unique constant speed technology and no fluctuation in operation;

    Automatic continuous feeding system liquid level control. Deviation ?? 0.1mm;

    The advanced laser displacement sensor controls the liquid level dose;

    Ø fully automatic tool adjustment system, high-precision clearance setting and control, accuracy of ?? 0.001mm;

    Automatic zero calibration of blade height, display of Japan Sanfeng digital dial indicator, touch screen control blade height;

    High precision servo (Panasonic) motor is used to control casting, and the speed can reach 0.02-10m/min;

    The air inlet circulation and heating control of the fourth section, the maximum air inlet flow of each section is 900m3 / h;

    Ø exhaust air circulation system, exhaust air is uniform, flow frequency conversion speed control, exhaust air each area is controlled separately;

    In the heating and temperature zone of the bottom plate of 12 sections, the temperature of each section of the bottom plate is controlled separately with the control accuracy of ?? 0.1C ??;

    The calendering tunnel is equipped with front light background and back light background detection, which is easy to detect the current situation of fine calendering by contrast;

    Fast baseband deviation correction, adjust the time for 1s, reach the middle of the film belt in an instant, and make the winding edge neat;

    The pneumatic alloy knife is used for trimming, and the width and spacing of the knife are convenient and adjustable.

    Unique and convenient technology:

    The whole machine is closed with door frame to achieve dust-free;

    The air intake adopts high-density filter to achieve dust-free space;

    The feed is provided with a slurry filter to prevent particles (PM2.5) from affecting the casting quality;

    The whole machine adopts profile casting, horizontal, and the gap reaches high precision and consistency;

    Set transparent glass window on the door cover of each drying area to observe the internal condition;

    There is a waste collection box, which is clean and tidy after trimming;

    The unique scraper cutting technology ensures the casting precision, and the blade precision reaches 0.1um;

    After finishing each transition roller, each link is not simplified.

    Thick aluminum alloy is used for the internal materials of spray coating accessories to ensure the service life of the accessories;

    The drying channel shall be fully sealed and insulated to reduce energy consumption;
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