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High temperature casting machine DL-LYJ-8SE500H
  • High temperature casting machine DL-LYJ-8SE500H

  • product description
  • 1. Product Introduction
     DL-LYJ-88SE500H film casting machine adopts advanced servo knife adjustment, servo tension, fast deviation correction, and high efficiency drying system, making them very suitable for 20-200um ceramic tape production. The whole process from feeding to green roll winding is highly automated.
     Purpose of the equipment: The purpose of this equipment is to cast and dry the ball milled slurry into the required film strip. The equipment is mainly composed of feed tank, casting head, drying furnace, film strip dividing and winding parts. The structure design of the equipment is reasonable, effectively controlling the thickness, density, dryness and uniformity of the green body to achieve safety, reliability, high precision and high efficiency. Safe and reliable ventilation and alarm devices provide health protection for operators.
    2. Technical parameters
    2.1 Device model: DL-LYJ-8SE450HA
    2.2 Equipment specifications: 11700*1350*2100mm (length*width*height)
    2.3 Material of carrier tape: PET film (50-188um)
    2.4 Casting width: 450MM
    2.5 Casting speed: 0.05-3.0 (M/min)
    2.6 Scraper height: 5??4500??m
    2.7 Thickness of porcelain tape: 20-200um
    2.8 Knife adjustment accuracy: 0.001mm
    2.9 Tool adjustment control: motor plus ball screw with electronic dial gauge closed-loop control
    2.10 Thickness accuracy: ??(1um+2% with thickness)
    2.11 Drying area: the first zone-four-stage floor heating (maximum temperature 120 degrees)
    The second zone ------ the length of the oven is 4 meters, divided into 20 groups of air heating modules, each group independently controls the temperature
    Heating temperature range: room temperature ~ 360??;
    2.12 Automatic feeding system: automatic feeding, Siemens PID control flow, control accuracy ??0.1mm
    2.13 Liquid level height: 0.0-40.0mm
    2.14 Porcelain tape trimming and slitting: ceramic blade
    2.15 Electrostatic dust removal: low voltage 24V integrated static elimination rod
    2.16 Tension control: the servo motor controls the tension and the baseband runs without fluctuation
    2.17 Working voltage: 380V 50/60HZ
    2.18 Starting power: 45KW
    2.19 Operating power: 20KW
    Feeding pressure method: nitrogen pressure
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